The Estate

Wine producer further north of the Algarve. The vineyards are set in a unique environment - mostly schist soils with great natural diversity with cork, carob, olive and pine trees.

Environment: Located in the south of the country, in the western Algarve, between the sea and the mountains of Monchique and Caldeirão.

Soils: Sandy Clay and Schist

Climate: Mediterranean temperate, characterized by mild and short winters and long, hot and dry summers.

Grape Varieties:

  • Negra Mole: with a fruity aroma, Algarve’s native grape variety from vineyards over 60 years old;
  • Castelão: from vineyards over 20 years old, has an intense ruby ​​red color, concentrated, aromatic wines – raspberry and currant – and with good conditions for aging;
  • Aragonez: wines of great elegance and aromatics;
  • Antão Vaz: originates wines with citrus color and aroma of tropical fruits, some body and quite fine;
  • Arinto: provides vibrant and lively acidity wines, refreshing and with a strong mineral slant, and high potential for aging;
  • Alvarinho: originates wines with a delicate floral aroma, with some freshness and minerality;
  • Sauvignon Blanc: white variety with very characteristic aromas, easy to recognize, as well as the constantly penetrating and extremely dry style;
  • Chardonnay: it is one of the most popular grape varieties in the world, so it is not strange that it is also very present in Portugal. Melon, Exotic Fruits and Apple are the predominant aromas;
  • Viognier: originates wines of light golden color, with aromas of flowers (acacia, violet and honey), spices and fruits where peach and apricot stand out. It has low acidity and high alcohol content.

Harvest: Hand-picking for 12 kg boxes in order to preserve the quality of the grapes.


The estate Herdade Barranco do Vale is located in São Bartolomeu de Messines, in a place called Campilhos, between the sea and the mountains of Monchique and Caldeirão , Algarve (south of Portugal).

The estate extends for about 100ha of real natural beauty, where in addition to the vineyards there are cork, carob, olive and pine trees.


The third generation of the family, that now manages the estate in Algarve, intends to combine the traditional and authentic with the most modern techniques in order to provide the market with a product of excellence.


The wine production in the estate started in 2016 with 4 references. 3 reds (2 single-varietal and 1 blend) from the Aragonez and Castelão varieties and 1 rose Negra Mole, all classified as Reserve.

To the existing grape varieties (Negra Mole – Algarve’s native grape – with about 60 years old and Aragonez and Castelão with 20) the new generation has already added white grape varieties that they started producing in 2018 and whose first bottles arrived on the market in May 2019.

It is a project driven by love: to previous generations and to local culture.

Letters to grandfather

As a curiosity, we leave below the back labels of our wines, which constitute a simple tribute to the person that started this path (“Letters to Grandfather”).


Dear Grandfather,

The farm remains beautiful. The cork-oaks you planted are strong and healthy, the olive trees big and solid and the berries simply divines. The old vineyard has been maintained with care and total planted area increased. The grapes who made this wine were treated and selected carefully and the production was made according to the best market practices. Matured X months before been bottled. With Love,

ass ana

Dear Grandfather,

The farm is each day more beautiful.  We rebuild the house and organized the surrounding area. We even had a Jazz event in the old corral.  The wines have had a huge success and this year we launch the 1st white.  The grapes were treated with care and selected carefully having this wine staged X months before being bottled.
Hope you are proud.
I’m very happy!
With Love,

ass ana



Dear grandfather,

2019 was an intensive year: of work and recognition. Our wine is very appreciated, which makes me happy. We won two medals that I proudly received with your great grand-son Tomás. Grandma turned 90 and we celebrated together (including Maria Leonor, that has already 1 year). From the grape to the glass we will continue to be inspired by your teachings.
This wine staged X months before being bottled.
A big kiss to the sky and continue taking care of all of us.

ass ana